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Corrosion Engineering Services


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QUALCORR provides a full range of corrosion protection design services including start-to-finish turnkey offerings. Our staff of Professional Engineers and NACE-certified corrosion specialists are experts who keep cost effectiveness and constructability of our designs in mind.  Our engineering team includes experienced engineers, project managers, and drafting professionals to work with Auto Cad and other CAD systems.

We have experience designing systems to protect everything from window wells to wind farms, storage tanks to sea walls, and pipelines to power plants in locations spanning the globe.  Rarely is there a simple solution when selecting the most efficient and effective solution as there are many interrelated factors, such as environment, interaction with nearby structures, governing regulations, budgetary and scheduling constraints- to name a few.   QUALCORR will work diligently to ensure the right questions are asked at the right time.



Corrosion Engineers at QUALCORR will identify the corrosion risks early on in the project design to minimize the detriment corrosion may have on project reliability and integrity.  Proper corrosion evaluation of environment, materials, and overall design will reduce the operation and maintenance costs and ensure project life is met.  QUALCORR will work with the design team, contractors, and owners to develop written recommendations often resulting in significant cost savings in both the short term and long term.



QUALCORR offers a full range of electrolyte testing which meets ASTM guidelines to ensure accurate results.  Our team of engineers will properly collect, analyze, and establish corrosivity values to each sample and location.  In specifically, we offer the following testing:

  • Electrolyte Resistivity
  • pH
  • Redox Potential
  • Permeability
  • Sulfate & Chloride Ion Content
  • Moisture Content
  • Oxygen Content
  • Microbial Activity
  • Water Hardness


QUALCORR will provide a written report detailing the conclusions and recommendations based upon the site analysis and testing, the materials being utilized, and the specific corrosion concerns of environmental interaction.



QUALCORR has worked worldwide providing a variety of cathodic protection solutions for numerous structure types.  We have designed systems to protect pipelines, storage tanks, dams, piles, rebar, sea walls, and many other structures.  We are certified engineers who work in the field and have the expertise to design an effective and efficient CP system.


Our engineering services are completed by recognized Professional Engineers and Corrosion Specialists accredited by the National Association of Corrosion Engineers.  Field analysis and project supervision are conducted by the appropriate personnel to include Senior Corrosion Technologists, Corrosion Technicians and Testers.

Other Corrosion Engineering Services:

  • Stray Current Analyses
  • Coating Inspections
  • Data Management
  • Design Review
  • Electrical Grounding
  • Personnel Training




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